Brimac Anodizing Toronto - bright and satin aluminum finishes in gold, bronze and black
(1985) LIMITED
542 Kipling Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M8Z 5E3
TELEPHONE: (416) 255-4411 -- FAX: (416) 255-3145

BRIMAC ANODIZING (1985) LIMITED has been designed to produce bright (chrome-like) and satin (diffuse) finishes in Silver, Gold, Two Step Bronze and Black colours.

With the superior bright finishes and satin finishes on the correct aluminum alloy, BRIMAC has been very successful in servicing Lighting Customers, and Automotive Customers throughout Canada and the United States. BRIMAC has been supplying its services to companies manufacturing OEM parts for Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota, and Nissan. Our Lighting Reflector products range from Pot Lighting to HiBay Lighting to Street Light and Traffic Lighting Reflectors.

BRIMAC, being a job shop, also supplies anodized finishes to Commercial Customers with products ranging from Machine Parts to Cookware.


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